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Use Digital Printing To Create Memorable Holiday Mailers for Clients

This holiday season, why not send the standard, generic holiday card to all your clients? After all, what better way to let your valued clients know that you’re thinking of them and make your company stand out in a truly memorable way?

HO-HO-HO… Not!

Digital printing’s flexibility and quick turnaround make it possible to deliver a memorable, custom holiday greeting to your clients that makes them feel special and makes you stand out. Below, we suggest some ideas for items that can be mailed or delivered by hand. But don’t let this list limit your imagination. Put on your best holiday creative cap, then give us a call to see how we could help you bring your idea to life: 503-233-2477.

What’s in the Cards for You this Holiday Season?

Sending a holiday card is a tried and true tradition, but if that card is a generic, off-the-shelf version it may elicit a ho-ho-hum response. Sending a unique card with a custom message to each of your customers tells them that they are important to you – and makes you shine like a holiday star. Using variable data, each and every card you send to your clients can be personalized, from the image you choose to the salutation and message. You may not want to change it all up for each card, but a personalized greeting and a message that speaks directly to your client goes a long way. With digital printing, each envelope can be personalized, too.

Calendars Keep Giving (and Reminding) All Year

Everyone needs a calendar – even in this age of digital calendars everywhere, we keep coming back to paper calendars with handy little squares to write down occasions and reminders. That’s partly due to the ease of scribbling a date on paper, and partly because those same calendars often have pretty pictures and perhaps lovely quotes that people like to glance at from time to time. This year, send your customers a custom calendar and your logo could be part of their scenery each and every day for the next 12 months.

Creating a custom calendar using one of our wall or desk calendar templates is easy. While the format is done for you, there is plenty of room left for creativity in choosing the images you would like for each month plus personalized messaging. You can use your own photographs or illustrations, or quickly find images that are appropriate to you on many stock image sites. It’s a low input way to achieve a very high touch result. We’re happy to help: just give us a call at 503-233-2477.

Delivering Digitally Printed Delight to Your Customers

Of all the marketing dictums that you don’t need a degree in marketing to learn, this one tops the list – everyone loves to be delighted. And people think fondly of people (and companies) that delight them. The good news is that it’s easy to delight customers by letting them know that you’re thinking of them, and that you care. So don’t send that generic card that tells them they are a generic client to you. Send or deliver a unique card, calendar, or gift box that says you are uniquely important to me.

Digital printing is your delightful ally this – and every – holiday season. For one thing, the ease of creating digital files and submitting them for quick turnaround printing means that it’s not too late to do something special for your clients. For another, the flexibility of variable data and customizable printing make it easy to deliver a one of a kind message to each of your one of a kind customers.

Need Help with Your Holiday Greetings? Get in Touch!

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