A Typical Work Day at Rhino Digital Printing

On a typical day here at Rhino Digital Printing, our press operator arrives early to start the machines and run calibrations to ensure accurate prints throughout the day. Everyone else trickles in around 8am. Emails are exchanged and coffee is made. Now the day can really begin.

Some standard daily tasks include providing quotes for prospective jobs, pre-press checking files to makes sure they are ready for print and setting them up to run on our machines. Once a file is print-ready the job is then transferred thru the rip to the digital machine. Once the job is in the printer queue, the press operator creates a printed proof for pre-press to look over and then the job goes to bindery for any finishing such as folding or laminating and finally the client is notified that their hard copy proof is ready to come view.

In between the client coming to take a look at their proof, other clients are coming in to pick up their jobs or a courier is stopping by to pick up a finished job for local delivery. At any given time we are running a large format poster on our 8-color, 42 inch inkjet printer or bindery is setting up folded books to get produced on our booklet maker but always our digital machines are running. Quiet is never a good thing here.

Just before 5pm all the equipment, including computers and monitors, is completely shut down before we leave until we come back in the morning ready to start another day.

Rhino Digital Printing