Add more bling to your printing with our new metallic and white inks!

White or metallic ink digital printingAt Rhino Digital, we are always on the lookout for ways to provide more value to you, our customers. So we are excited to share with you that we can now print in gold, silver and white metallic inks with a new product from Xerox!

This means that the possibilities just got a whole lot wider for printing upscale projects. Here are some examples of what this printing in metallic ink looks like:

This new ink can be added to standard full-color CMYK printing or done on its own. Some applications we are excited about:

  • Adding a classy touch to invitations for weddings, open houses, and corporate events
  • Giving a visual edge to print jobs for your upscale clients and marketing campaigns
  • Bringing a glamorous finish to presentation decks and keepsake print jobs

Metallic Ink Printing at Rhino Digital Printing

Bring more imagination to every printed page with metallic ink on your projects

We understand that you are looking to find an edge and get noticed in a crowded advertising and print products world. We look forward to helping you stand out even more with this new printing capability. With the ability to print gold, silver and white ink, we can help you uplevel your print jobs to attract the eyes of the upscale customer you may want to reach.

Metallic ink is an ideal product for:

  • Real estate agents looking to produce top of the line mailers for listings and open houses
  • Executives creating branded materials that set their company apart from the competition
  • Event planners aiming to draw upscale attendees
  • Business owners who want to create a stunning look for their marketing materials
  • Graphic designers and creative agencies that are looking for fresh ways to capture more eyeballs for their clients

If you have a project idea or want to know more about this printing option, please reach out to us – we are happy to answer any questions. To get an estimate on a job, please click here.

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