Where Can I Sell My Greeting Cards?

So you’ve designed, proofed, printed your custom greeting cards and you’re in love! Next up, figuring out how to sell your art to those who would be touched by your sentiments. For many artists, this can be the most difficult part. Many of our most creative clients have the craft dialed in, but can become overwhelmed by the logistics of getting their cards into the world for consumption. Rhino Digital Printing is here to help! Here are a few of our suggestions.

On Etsy

Etsy is an online retailer that sells unique, hand-made, and other non-mass produced items. It is an extremely popular store that caters to up-and-coming crafters. Prices of cards range from as little as $3.00 for one card, to $25.00 for e-cards that customers can personalize with names and dates. Etsy has a great search feature that ensures your card will be found. Learn more here.

Your Own Online Store

If you’d like more creative control over where your cards show up, you may choose to start a shop on your own website. There are many out-of-the-box e-commerce sites you can use to get your own online shop going, such as Shopify, Square Space, or Volusion. These platforms allow you to get as much or as little help as you want. If you pick a pre-made theme, you can add all of your content without needing any technical know-how. If you’d like something more customized, they all feature teams that can do the development work for you.

Local Retailers

There are endless local shops that specialize in gifts and stationary and may be the best place for you to get your retail start. Our hometown in particular, Portland, Oregon, is a fantastic place to be a card designer. There are many small shops that sell cards and other crafty items made by local artists in downtown, Southeast, Beaverton, Tigard, etc. Here are just a couple of our favorites for you to check out:

• Ecru Modern Stationer: A small, classy, eclectic Portland shop, rated one of the highest among Portlanders.
• Presents of Mind
• Paper Source: This is a national company, with locations all over the place, with the convenience of both local and online sales.
• Tender Loving Empire: Portlanders love this store and the unique items they sell. Follow the hyperlink to view their submission and sales process.
• Tilde: Another local gem that allows artists to sell their work on wholesale or consignment.
• Land: This shop has a great local reputation, and sells products online via its sister company, buyolympia.com. Check them out!

There are so many wonderful local shops that would be happy to sell your items. Try our list, and keep exploring Portland’s art scene.

Local Grocery Stores

Portland is known for clean eating, farmers markets, and co-ops. Oftentimes these local grocers also sell custom greeting cards and home goods. Here are a couple that are definitely worth looking into:

• New Seasons: One of Oregon’s freshest and beloved local grocery, New Seasons is happy to work with all kinds of local artisans. Check out their submission process here.
• Portland Saturday Market: Portland is known for its wonderful Saturday Market. Check out how to become a vendor.

Do you have other suggestions for fellow artists trying to break into the greeting card scene? Let us know in the comments section! For a free estimate on for your next printing project, contact Rhino Digital Printing today!

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