Choosing the Right Book Binding Type

Book Binding is joining collated pages of a printed piece together in some form. At Rhino Digital Printing, we offer a variety of book binding options, including:

Perfect Binding A method of binding that uses adhesive to keep the pages together. Pages are collated then glued at the spine with a strong yet flexible flue. A soft cover is attached over the glued spine. The other three edges are then trimmed for a “perfect” finished edge. Examples include paperback books, magazines and telephone books. To Note: We do not recommended perfect binding for books that are less than 1/8” thick. Due to setup costs perfect binding is usually reserved for runs of 100 books or more.

Saddle stitching – Saddle stitching is a type of book binding that is ideal for smaller booklets that don’t have too many pages. The printed sheets are folded and collated one inside the other. These groups of pages are then gathered and stapled (usually twice) in the centerfold. After stitching together the books are face trimmed about .125” for a clean edge.
When creating a file for a saddle stitch book the page count has to be divisible by 4. Since the sheets of paper are folded in half there are 4 originals that go on one sheet. One on the front fold, one of the inside front, one of the inside back, and one of the outside back fold. If the originals for your document is not divisible by 4 then you will need to add blank pages or more content.

Wire-O Binding Wire-o is a mechanical binding in which pages are bound together by a wire coil. To do so sheets are collated together, holes are punched along the binding edge of the sheets and a continuous double series of wire loops are inserted through the punched slots along the binding side of the collated sheets.

Coil binding – Coil binding, also known as spiral coil, color coil, plastic coil, spiral binding and plastikoil is very similar to wire-o binding except the pages are bound with a piece of plastic coil that is threaded into drilled holes along the binding edge. The coils come in different colors, we stock black in house. Let us know if you need other colors and we will let you know if they are available.

3-Ring Binder – This binding method is a way to join collated loose pages into book form. The sheets are three hole drilled and hand placed into Ringed binders usually with collated tabs. The binder is made with a clear plastic overlay, which allows printed inserts to be slipped in for the cover and spine.

Each book binding option doesn’t work for every project. It’s best to let us know the specs of your job so we can recommend the best option for you. Some things that effect which bindery is best include: quantity, size of the book, page count, paper thickness and due dates. Give us a call for a more info.

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