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COVID-19 Ongoing Updates

We are Open for Business!

We take the COVID-19 situation very seriously, and we are monitoring it continuously to ensure the safety of our employees and clients. Because we serve you remotely from our office in Portland, we are still fully operational. We do not interface with the public, and our office has been briefed on proper safety measures.  The health and safety of our community is our top priority, and we are here to serve you.

In times of great flux, we are here for you. If you need assistance to mail printed materials to your audience or print large format items, or any other project, now is the perfect time to get this done as we can work remotely with you.

Expect No Interruption

Our suppliers are still operational without delays and we have increased our inventory levels to make sure we can meet any need.

This is All New

Even though we have never experienced anything like this before, if there’s one thing we believe about humans, it’s our innate ability to adapt, be agile, survive, and find solutions.  We will all get through this together. We will keep you posted on any changes. We realize you are receiving a lot of information. Know that we are here to serve you and support you.

We will all make it through this, watching out for and helping each other. Best advice I heard today? Go out for a hike and enjoy nature and sunshine. Smile and greet anyone you see…. from a distance of course.

Check back for updates.


It’s officially Spring Break, but not like one we’ve ever had before. Amidst this global health crisis, we wanted to send you this follow up message.

Now that Governor Kate Brown has issued the executive order “Stay Home, Save Lives” here at Rhino Digital Printing we have taken additional measures. We understand the severity of the situation and have discussed in depth how our business fits into this.

Because we do not interface with the public, and we do all our business with delivery or shipping, we are still operational. However, we have taken extra steps we wanted to share with you.

Our doors are closed and we are disinfecting our work areas and practicing social distancing in our shop. We are also operating at half staff rotating to minimize contact among ourselves.

Stay home, stay healthy, take care. We are in this together and flattening the curve is key!


Our commitment to serve you in these times is still strong. Our hours have shifted to 9AM to 4PM, and we have included a contactless pick-up option for those who are local. Get started with your digital printing order now.

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