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Digital Printing Can Save Schools Money on Many Printed Materials

The 3 Ways Digital Printing Can Save Schools Money

Educational institutions – including elementary, middle and high schools, colleges, universities, and trade schools – print a lot of paper documents. While students and staff commonly print many in-house documents and handouts on copiers, there are still a large quantity of printed materials that must be sent out to printing companies. These include admission packets and other student enrollment materials, directories and manuals, as well as a large variety of marketing materials.

Under pressure to trim budgets wherever possible schools can often look to digital printing to fulfill their printing needs at much lower costs. Digital printing can save your school money in three ways:

Less Setup Time and Materials for Digital Printing Save You Money

Unlike offset printing, digital printing requires little prepress and press setup. Materials are printed directly from digital files and require very little makeready (paper that an offset press runs in order to get ink settings right), saving time, paper, and money. (Paper savings also make digital printing more environmentally friendly.)

Digital Printing Flexibility Makes Printing Different Versions and Personalization Easy

A digital printing press can print a different image on each sheet of paper that runs through it. That’s flexibility! So with digital printing it’s easy to print different versions of a document in a single press run, including changing images and copy. There’s no new setup with each change. Digital printing can also be used to personalize printed documents using a process called variable data, which pulls data from a database in order to customize each printed piece.

Just In Time, Just Enough Printing Saves Printing and Storage Costs

Due to long setup times, offset printing becomes more cost-effective as runs (the amount of printed sheets) get longer, so you must print large quantities to achieve lower per unit costs. Short runs are often prohibitively expensive on offset presses. Digital printing excels at short runs, so it’s far more economical than offset to produce just the quantity of materials you need. And digital printing’s short turnaround times make it possible to order printed materials as you need them. Printing cost effective smaller quantities exactly when you need them not only saves printing costs, it saves storage space and costs as well.

The 3 Qualities that Make Digital Printing Ideal for School Materials

Quicker turnaround, flexibility, and just in time, just enough printing make digital printing ideal for many of the materials that schools, colleges, universities and trade schools use, including:

  • Admission packets/folders
  • Alumni mailers
  • Application forms
  • Brochures & other marketing collateral
  • Business cards & stationery
  • Direct Mail (Including personalized mail using variable data)
  • Directories, manuals, books
  • Event posters
  • Newsletters and student publications
  • Personalized letters
  • Postcards
  • School signage
  • Sports materials

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