Digital Printing for Coffee Roasters

Coffee beans, brews and blends – they can all change as quickly as you can innovate. Perhaps your coffee company just received a batch of spectacular beans from a new source and you want to get them to market fast. Perhaps you’ve come up with a new vibrant blend that your customers need to know about. Perhaps you’re white labeling your coffees for specific outlets. Or perhaps it’s time to change your seasonal coffee offerings. Or you want to special label your coffees for a promotion…a cause…an event…

Coffee roasters have all of these labeling needs, and more. So how does a coffee roasting company take care of its needs for quick turnaround, very flexible, short run label printing? By using digital printing, which excels in short run, quick turnaround, flexible printing. So you get your new labels fast, in the exact quantities you require, at a low price that will gladden your bean counter’s heart!

Case Study: Rhino Digital Printing and Water Avenue Coffee

Water Avenue Coffee wanted the ultimate flexibility of being able to quickly affix different labels on bags of their 8 coffee flavors, depending on inventory, seasonality, and sales trends. For them it made sense to bulk purchase tens of thousands of printed, but customizable bags, while printing smaller quantities of labels to meet their needs, rather than print and store a large inventory of preprinted bags. So now if Ethiopia Limmu Kossa is flying off the shelves it’s quick and easy to paste some more labels on bags and keep up with sales.

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