Digital Printing for Wineries and Wine Clubs

Digital Printing for Wineries and Wine Clubs – To Your Healthy Budget!

Aging bottles of wine in the cellar, that’s a good thing. Aging printed pieces clogging up your cellar…not so good. Digital printing is the perfect low cost, just-in-time solution for all of your winery’s promotional printing needs. The wine industry moves fast, changing with the seasons, vintages, and this year’s best varietals and blends. Flexible, quick-turnaround digital printing makes it easy to print just the right amounts of materials that are as fresh and up to date as this year’s

Beaujolais Nouveau.

Since 2000, Rhino Digital Printing has provided digital printing, bindery, and mailing solutions for all types of businesses in the Pacific Northwest and across the country – including wineries. Although we don’t provide the highly specialized service of wine label printing, we are a great, cost-effective provider of many promotional materials for wineries:

Wine Bottle Tags

Neck tags – or Neckers for short – create great customer engagement by providing more information about your wine, a special deal, or a membership offer from a wine club. Placed around the neck of the bottle, they can be one or two-sided, or even small folded brochures.

Wine Shelf Talkers (Shelf Wobblers, Danglers)

Think of these as mini-displays that serve two purposes: one, to quickly gain your customers’ attention and, two, to give more information about your wine, including a special offer.

Winery Rack Cards

Rack cards quickly entice travellers to visit your winery and arouse their interest in your wines.

They are perfect for tourist locations, restaurants and lodging providers in your area. They include invitations to visit your winery, attend a special event, join your wine club, or order wines online. Standard rack cards are 4” x 9” but we can print alternative sizes as well. Digital printing allows you to print only as many rack cards as you need so you can afford to change them regularly to reflect current wines and events.

Winery Brochures

With more space than rack cards, brochures can tell the story of your winery in words and pictures, and highlight your offerings. Printing your brochures digitally means you can quickly update them to feature new products, offers, or events. Tri-fold brochures are the standard, but call us to discuss accordion folds or other interesting options.

Wine Table Tents

Here’s an idea for restaurants that offer your wines – offer to print table tents describing the wines with suggested pairings with dishes they serve. Or offer to include their dessert menu on one side, with your wines on the other.

Winery Postcards and Direct Mail Services

Even in these days of email, direct mail postcards and letters are an effective way of enticing your target audience or keeping in touch with regular customers. We provide printing, list, and mailing services for all types of direct mail offerings.

Winery Newsletters

Newsletters are another great way to keep in touch with regular customers and visitors to your tasting rooms. Your audience feels included as you recount recent stories and news, and inform them regarding upcoming events and new products. Receiving a newsletter in the mail garners more attention than yet another online newsletter. We commonly print 11 x 17 newsletters that fold to 8.5 x 11 and once again to neatly fit in a number 10 envelope.

Digital Printing is also perfect for these winery and wine club materials:

  • Business Cards & Stationery
  • Event Tickets
  • Flyers
  • Gift Certificates
  • Notepads
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Thank You Cards

Case Studies: Beaux Frères Vineyard and Shea Vineyards

For many years we have printed and mailed both wineries’ nationwide direct mail bi-annual newsletters and order forms. Usually a color over black 11×17 folded to 8.5×11 then refolded to fit a #10 with an 8.5×11 black order form. We print, insert, seal and mail with bulk rate postage stamps or with a permit indicia. We also print their business cards.

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