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Digital Printing Helps Tell Stories – Including Immigrant Stories

Being a good business is much the same as a being a good person. You provide a useful service, treat the planet well, treat other people and your community well, and even share immigrant stories. And you need to make a living to be able to keep doing all this. Rhino Digital Printing believes a company should help the community in which we thrive. So we regularly provide discounted or free digital printing and bindery services to local organizations and schools, such as:

  • Northwest Outward Bound
  • Growing Gardens
  • Compassion and Choices Oregon
  • CASA of Clackamas County
  • Health In Harmony
  • Family Forward Oregon
  • Cleveland High School


Recently we were asked by an interesting organization, The Immigrant Story (TIS), to help out with some projects – specifically, we foam core mounted photographs for two exhibits. As their name implies, the mission of TIS is, “To document, narrate and curate stories of immigrants in order to enhance empathy and help promote an inclusive community.”

TIS All About Story-Telling

We thought the Immigrant Story was a good fit for a few reasons. First of all, Rhino Digital Printing helps people and companies tell their stories through digital printing and bindery services. Second, we like to help our community and believe that diversity creates a stronger community. And third, immigrants are a very large component of our community. In fact, according to the American Immigration Council, nearly ten percent of all Oregon residents immigrated from foreign countries, while over twelve percent are native-born Americans with at least one immigrant parent. We truly are a nation – and a state – of immigrants and always have been.

What’s the Immigrant Story’s Story?

TIS is a team of volunteer journalists, storytellers, writers, photographers, graphic designers, web developers and marketing specialists. Together they document and archive the voices, faces and stories of immigrants through photography, arts, and writing. Their vision is to provide relevant content to enhance empathy and create an inclusive community through strong, thoughtful storytelling.

In recent months, TIS launched two local, well-attended exhibitions.

The Immigrant Story is a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation incorporated in 2018 under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  If you would like to know more about them, visit their website at:

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