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Digital Versus Offset Printing for Startup & Early Growth Companies (Part 2)

In part one of this digital printing versus offset printing blog we went over some of the differences between the two printing technologies, and explored some of the advantages of digital printing, especially for startup companies and companies experiencing early growth. In Part Two, we’ll expand on the advantages of digital printing for specific printing projects that are often needed by companies in these two stages.

Business Cards and Stationery

Yes, we still hand them out, and yes, we still send real life letters (and cover letters and bids and…) that are printed on paper, tucked into envelopes and put in the mail. But that doesn’t mean that your startup company needs thousands of business cards and stationery packages. Also, both startups and growing companies tend to add or change personnel – and sometimes addresses – frequently. This is where digital printing’s ability to do short to medium runs of multiple versions really shines. Due to its low setup costs and ability to print variable images on the fly, digital printing is an ideal, cost-effective way to produce short to medium runs of multi-name business cards and stationery that may need to change soon.

Loyalty Cards

Paper loyalty cards that your customers put in their wallets and bring back to get punched, marked, or redeemed for their 10% Off special, are still highly effective customer retention tools. As with business cards, digital printing is a quick, cost-effective way to print up limited runs of loyalty cards that are customized for different offers.

Brochures, Flyers and Handouts

Q: How many growing companies have boxes of brochures hanging around that can no longer be used because the pricing of a product or some vital information has changed?

A: Lots.

Change is often the name of the game with startups and growing companies, so short to medium runs of promotional materials that may change in the near future is a good idea.


We’ve blogged a lot about how direct mail postcards are a highly effective – and sometimes positively disruptive – form of marketing (see: Personalize Direct Digital Mail with Variable Data and PURLs). With digital printing, smaller companies can gain the same results from this type of marketing as larger companies. As with other types of printed materials, digital printing excels in smaller runs, but add in the ability to personalize each postcard using variable data printing and link to a personalized landing page (PURL marketing) and digitally printed postcards can quickly multiply your marketing returns.

Trade Show Booth Materials

It’s your first trade show and you’ve rented a booth, but you don’t have a $100,000+ budget to create a custom experience or print many different takeaways. Digital printing is your best choice for a number of items that need to be customized to the event: table tents, survey and raffle cards, company and product brochures, presentation folders and materials, and larger booth decorations such as mounted signs to stand on an easel. For consistency and expedition Rhino Digital Printing can handle all of these needs under one roof.

Posters, Banners and Signs

Big event, small amount of posters needed? Need temporary or custom signage? How about banners to announce, celebrate, or attract? Very short to medium runs of oversize materials is another area where digital printing excels. Rhino Digital can print banners on vinyl for outdoor use and add grommets for easy installation. As well, we can mount and/or laminate posters and signs for increased durability.

Prototype Materials

For startups and growing companies testing new products is common, and new products need labels, instruction sheets and belly bands or sleeves. Digital printing is perfect for creating the short to medium length runs of these materials needed for initial product placements and testing – including split testing of different designs or copy. Rhino Digital provides many bindery, die cut and finishing options, making us a one -top shop for prototype labels and small packaging.

Digital Printing Is As Agile As Your Startup or Early Growth Company

In the traditional world of offset printing, cost effectiveness was gained through scale, so larger companies held the advantage when it came to printing materials of all kinds. Digital printing provides a cost-effective opportunity for startup, small, and early growth companies, who need smaller amounts of materials, to compete on a more level playing field.

In many ways, digital printing is like your startup or early growth company. You thrive on your ability to be flexible and change directions rapidly, to create quick custom solutions, and to run lean and efficiently.

Flexible, customizable, and efficient – that pretty much sums up digital printing as well.

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