Direct Mail Marketing Is Even Better with Eco-Friendly Printing

Direct Mail Marketing Is Even Better with Eco-Friendly Printing

Digital marketing is often touted as more ecological than old-fashioned printed direct mail postcards and flyers. But in these days of overflowing email inboxes and low open rates, sending a beautifully printed promotion to your customers and prospects can have a big impact. In fact, studies have shown that printed marketing materials are both easier for your customer to understand and more memorable than digital marketing. So how can you have the benefits of physical marketing and still be eco-conscious? Simple. Choose an eco-printer!

Eco-Friendly Runs Deep at Rhino Digital Printing

Eco-friendly printing goes far beyond simply printing on recycled, or partially recycled paper. So if you’re concerned about how environmentally conscious your printer is, it’s a good idea to dig a little deeper into their practices.

At Rhino Digital Printing, we take eco-friendly printing seriously, from the papers we offer, to the power we use to run our business, to our recycling, conservation and cultural practices. It all starts with being a digital printer, a process that creates much less waste, and uses far less chemicals, than traditional offset printing.

Quality Printing for a Quality World

Because we don’t want our customers to sacrifice print quality we offer a full line of environmentally friendly papers that also print beautifully. All of these paper stocks are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified. FSC Certification means that these papers come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Many of our papers are 100% recycled content and contain no chlorine. Even our shipping boxes are 100% recycled, with removable labels so that they can be reused.

Our Sustainable Operations

100% of our electricity in our Portland, Oregon office comes from renewable green power, and our lighting is all highly efficient bulbs. We power down all of our equipment, including computers and monitors, every evening and weekend. And we recycle everything possible, including all paper products, toner boxes and bottles.

Our Culture of Sustainability

Even our company cultural practices are sustainable. We know that people commuting to work are a large part of the carbon footprint of a business, so we offer our employees a cash incentive to ride their bikes, take public transport, or carpool to work. And our customers drive less, too, since most printing files are sent to us over the Internet.

At Rhino Digital Printing we believe in the best of both worlds: we provide our customers with the highest quality printing using materials and practices that help sustain a very high quality world for the next generations.

Give us a call today at 503-233-2477 to discuss your project! We aim to be your partner for all things sustainably printed.

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