Eco-Friendly Printing at Rhino Digital

Print shops have a responsibility to be as eco-friendly as possible. Here at Rhino Digital, we do our best to keep waste to a minimum. We recycle everything we can, from paper products to toner bottles and boxes. And as a digital printer we create much less waste than traditional offset printers with every job we produce. But waste is still waste and we do our best to avoid it.

All of our power is purchased from PGE with the 100% renewable green power option. Furthermore, CFL bulbs provide all of our lighting and we are gradually replacing these with even lower power LED bulbs as they burn out. All of our printing equipment, computers and monitors are completely shut down every evening when we leave until we come back in the morning. Our employees are offered a “bicycle, public transportation, carpool” cash incentive. Our shipping boxes are 100% recycled and we use removable labels so they can be reused by the client.

And of course, all our house paper stocks have post-consumer recycled content. Some of the brands, including Neenah Environment PC100 and Mohawk Color Copy are 100% recycled. Most others are Green-e certified wind power generated and are highly eco-friendly.

We are always striving as a company to be green and keep our carbon footprint small. Contact Rhino Digital Printing to find out more about our eco-friendly printing options.

Rhino Digital Printing