How Passion, Pop and Color Can Draw Attention to Your Brand

In today’s modern world, marketing materials of all sorts are directly at our fingertips. Combined with a plethora of programs and resources, it comes as no surprise that the use of color in business and marketing has grown in popularity. What may be surprising, however, is that the use of color can increase the success of any business when used appropriately in documents, on websites, or even through everyday, basic branding.

Truth be told, monochromatic, solid-colored businesses are a thing of the past. Utilizing the vibrancy of color with your business can boost success several times over, as research continues to suggest that color plays a crucial role in how everyday people interact with the brands around them. Even when we get dressed in the morning, you’ll see hints of orange, blue, green and more peeking out from our socks, our ties, and our shirts. To understand exactly why color remains so important in today’s digital marketing world, read on for more information provided by the digital printing experts at Rhino Digital.

Color Grabs Attention

It comes as no surprise that color has a tendency to stand out amongst an endless sea of balck and white. Anything that’s highlighted in color will grab the attention of the viewer over the rest of the everyday print that makes its way in front of our eyes. Keep this concept in mind while building websites, creating forms, and during those brand strategy meetings. Using bright colors can always draw an eye to any business, when done correctly.

The use of color has also been known to leave an impression on potential customers, clients, and the everyday passerby. For instance, when we think of a major online brand like Facebook, the color that comes to mind is blue; Amazon utilizes black tones alongside yellow highlights; and Apple stands out with crisp, clean whites alongside a palette of minimal colors for that extra pop. These businesses utilize color to draw attention amongst competing companies, and to keep the spotlight on them at all times. You can do the very same with your own splash of color.

Color Emphasizes Area

Utilizing color in branding allows you to place emphasis on the most important information that you want absorbed by your viewers. If you’re information seems dense and heavy in a blog, invoice, or website, ensuring that the take-home points are highlighted in a separate color can make navigation simple while creating a stressless flow throughout your work. And the customer, in whatever form they may come, will always appreciate the painless process.

Keep in mind that the more emphasis placed on an area with color, the greater the chance that someone will remember that specific piece of information in the future. And if this information is in fact memorable or useful in any form, there’s a greater chance the viewer will come back to revisit the information again, or refer the information to others, and thus increase the traffic to whatever form of marketing you may be using. Should this be the case, your business will gain exposure and will have a greater potential for growth and success.

Color Can Promote Sales

Brand recognition goes a tremendously long way in boosting product sales. The use of color within a logo or design can keep any brand in the back of the customer’s mind, making it quick to find when the customer sets out in search of their next product. Referring back to this concept that was detailed in brief above, think of the brands you recognize the most. Think of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, etc. Each one has distinct colors through which they are often recognized. When branding yourself or your own business, you too can be recognized like those big box brands – you’ll be remembered based on the color and logo you promote.

In addition to making your brand recognizable, color can be used within your website or on your products to boost the sales or attention of particular products. Promoting the most popular products by highlighting them on your website in a bright color gives them an opportunity to stand out,thus  increasing the likelihood that viewers will pause and examine them more closely. For instance, highlighting a product that you want to sell in a vibrant blue or green will draw the viewer’s curiosity. Highlighting the product in red may demonstrate emphasis, or that there’s a rarity occurring that they should be a part of. This then increases the chances that the viewers will purchase the item, thus promoting sales.

Color Increases Productivity

The use of color allows clients or potential customers to quickly find the things that matter most as they browse through your website, blog, or inventory. Assigning important sections or phrases within your web page, brochure, poster, or other marketing materials with bright colors will help your viewer see those points before the rest, and will likely decrease the questions they have as they go. If all of the information is monochromatic within your materials, the important details could get lost or bypassed because they don’t stand out. When we take the time to shop on Amazon, for instance, we’re often subliminally drawn to colors on the page that add a sense of organization, such as product filters or shopping categories. By utilizing color schemes in this way, brands both small and large can make the experience simpler, and thus ensure that viewers will want to return.

Colors and Printing

At the end of the day, it’s important to keep in mind that color can always be a useful tool through which you can grow your business. But also remember that it should be used strategically, and with a purpose that ensures materials remain readable and aesthetically pleasing. After all, there’s no sense in using color that leads to indecision or confuses, so take great care in determining how you choose to use color in your business branding. Colors that are too bright can be distracting, using too many colors can be confusing, and too much overall color can completely negate the effect you’re aiming for.

Here at Rhino Digital, our professional staff understand the importance of utilizing color to help your business and your marketing needs shine. Whether you’re printing a poster for the front window of your shop, or business cards for your next professional function, consult our experts to ensure the colors that align with you, your brand, and your business get printed perfectly. When you do, success is only an eye (or two) away.

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