Independent Publishing Resource Center

Since opening in 1998, Independent Publishing Resource Center has been dedicated to encouraging the growth of a visual and literary publishing community by offering a space to gather, exchange information, ideas and produce work.

IPRC is a non-profit, located on 10th and SE Division, which has helped Portlandians discover themselves through art, and to reach and inspire others in the community by publishing and sharing their work. IPRC is a publishing resource center, not a publishing house which means they will supply you with everything you need to create and publish your books however they will not actually publish or distribute your book for you.

They provide classes for members as well as non-members. Some classes include Bindfast, Graphic Design Camp, Open Collage Night etc. By taking a class or becoming a member you gain access to workspace and tools such as five table-top letterpresses, a perfect binding machine, a screen printer, computer workstations, 2 photocopiers, scanners, graphic design and desktop publishing and various other tools for creating, designing and assembling publications. They also have two art galleries and one of the nation’s largest circulating zine libraries.

In order to use the specialty equipment (such as the binding machine, letterpress print shop and screen print ship) during open house you need to have completed the basic class that corresponds with the machine you want to use. For example, in order to use the letterpress print ship at IPRC during open print house you need to have completed the Intro to Letterpress class. After you are fully trained, you will qualify for full-access printing during all IPCR open hours.

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