Need 5000 pieces or less?

Digital is your answer!

There are a lot of reasons why one would choose digital printing over traditional off-set printing. One detail that dominates the list is quantity. Do you need 500 – 1000 brochures printed for an event? You’ll enjoy a better price-per-piece if you go digital. Do a quote comparison and you will see the amazing price gap to off-set. Digital is great for short run projects. (5000 pieces or less) Printing your typical business collateral with Rhino Digital is the way to go. You’ll also enjoy the conveniences of digital printing in this way:

Need a proof?

Get a digital proof before you print. Digital offers the ability to develop samples and compare different options before making your final decision. The safety net of a proof will help make sure you as a customer are happy and help avoid reprints or any other costly mistakes.

Need it quick?

Time crunch? Tight deadline? Run the whole project in less time than offset. The digital prints will come out nearly instantly with each piece ready to go fresh off the press. No custom plates necessary; simply printed straight from the supplied files. It’s as easy as that.

Need it to look good?

Digital printing offers the same vibrant colors and high contrast as offset. Every print will be the same high quality, accurate look, due to not having to balance ink and water during the press run.

Have a paper stock requirement?

Typically, our digital presses can easily run most text stocks and cover stocks up to 130# cover. A variety of beautiful projects are possible with the versatility of stocks digital printing is capable of.

Need personalization?

Digital presses can create completely variable pieces in-line. Off set is limited. With offset, your best bet is to create a shell that can later be personalized on laser or ink jet. Some offset houses charge a fee to hold inventory on your behalf. Direct mail projects will greatly benefit from the ease of personalization to your target market. No need to run your projects through the printer multiple times, digital will personalize your prints all in one shot.

So let’s recap: Digital printers have the best pricing, easiest access to proofs, quickest turn-around, offer great selections of paper stock and allow your print pieces to be personalized in the most sustainable manner. Digital printing requires no harmful chemicals, unlike offset printing, and develops high quality work. What’s not to love?

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