Proudly Helping the Nurse-Family Partnership

Rhino started this year right with a donation to this very worthy non-profit organization: Nurse-Family Partnership.

Nurse Family Partnership is a non-profit currently working with 30,000+ first-time, low-income expecting mothers, most of whom are teenagers and unmarried. These families are in 43 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and 6 tribal communities. NFP works with these mothers from before birth, for up to 30 months.

Studies show the following stunning (to me) results of their work:
• 48% reduction in child abuse and neglect
• 67% reduction in childhood behavioral and intellectual problems at age 6
• 59% reduction in youth crimes and arrests at age 15.
• 60% reduction in infant mortality
• 53% reduction in alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use for children ages 12 through 15
• 82% increase in months employed for mothers (In addition to teaching parenting skills, nurses help poor mothers plan their economic future and find work so they can get on their own feet.)
• 20% reduction in months on welfare
• 68% increase in father’s presence in household.

Our contribution from the Rhino Digital Printing team will help young mothers and their children on the path to a healthier future. With families growing strong and successful, communities can thrive. Learn more about Nurse Family Partnership at

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