Our New Xerox Versant 80 Press

We have a new digital press here at Rhino Digital! We are the proud owners of a Xerox Versant 80 Press. With our new technology, we can now produce higher quality jobs faster with improved output and less waste.

We are very excited about the new enhanced features, which will allow us to produce higher quality jobs faster and on more media types than before, such as thicker paper and textured stocks. The Versant can print on paper as light as 15# bond and as heavy as 130# cover. It not only has the capability to print on more types of stock but it does so at a higher level of quality and faster than we’ve ever seen before on a digital press.

Some of the expanded options we can print on are: Textured stocks (like linen or felt finishes), envelopes, labels and durable/synthetic papers. Previously we steered clear of textured stocks due to the inconsistency and mottling that occured in the print. However with the new machine linens print flawlessly and the ink has no problem getting into the ripples and little grooves.

The Versant is able to achieve exceptionally fine details in graphic fills, sweeps, line art and text as well as optimized image quality on solids, tints, halftones and gradiants. This will allow us to produce high-quality jobs faster and more efficiently with stable and accurate color.

For all of your digital printing needs, contact Rhino Digital Printing in Portland, Oregon for high-quality, hot off the press prints.

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