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Our PEAK Fleet Experience

There’s nothing better than partnering with customers who share our philosophy that business exists for a much larger purpose than simply making a profit. The PEAK Fleet helps organizations succeed by creating an engaged workforce that thrives together. That philosophy extends beyond employees to the companies they do business with; Rhino Digital Printing has been fortunate to work with Peak Fleet since their beginning in 2016 and ours has been a growing, mutually beneficial relationship.

The PEAK Fleet focuses one third of its resources on giving back to the community, including free or discounted engagements with non-profits, education and local governments. That’s a value we share in common, as Rhino also frequently provides free or reduced cost printing for nonprofits and educational organizations

With their “fleet” of collaborative thought leaders, inventors, engineers, analysts, and activators The PEAK Fleet works to passionately to fundamentally change the Future of Work through:

  • Improving Employee Experience
  • Creative Leadership Development
  • Transformative Change Management
  • Increasing Innovation & Invention
  • Cultivating Inclusion


Call the PEAK Fleet at (480) 227-3054. Or contact them at:

Rhino Digital