Presenting Your Line of Greeting Cards

So you have your greeting card line created and you are ready to present it to stores. Whether you walk into a bookstore or arrange a meeting with a small eclectic shop, you want to make sure you present your line of cards in the best possible light.

You also want to improve your cards, if possible, based on what is said during the meeting. It is a good idea to bring something to take notes with to write down feedback, both negative and positive. You may not want to hear the bad feedback but in order to grow as an artist and designer you need to hear the truth.

1. Present your greeting cards as a finished product, as you would see it in the store. This includes the envelope and a cellophane bag if you are using one. This will give the client an idea of how it will look on the rack.

2. Try to bring as many versions as possible. The larger the range of cards you present the easier the client can see your vision and direction. It will also help them see a consistent line of cards even if your cards are all different subject matters. Aim for at least two-dozen versions, at least.

3. Ask the client to rate your cards. This may seem harsh but it is good to know what a shop that sells cards thinks of the sell-ability of your line of cards. Besides they could have feedback for improving your current cards based on their experience in the industry.

Ask them which cards they think WILL sell, which cards WON’T sell, and which cards could be IMPROVED upon to make sell-able. Every meeting you go to, ask these three questions. In order to have a successful greeting card line it is good to hear the truth from someone who knows what sells. Don’t only take advice from your family, who thinks all your cards are wonderful. I know; the truth hurts. But it is good for business.

4. As with every business meeting, send an email back thanking them for their time. Or, if you want to leave a lasting impression, send them one of your thank you cards. You want them to remember you and to hopefully refer you to other people they know in the industry.

The cards pictured here are by “The Dancing Cat”. Check out The Dancing Cat on Etsy.

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