What to Put on the Back of Your Greeting Cards

Think of the back of your greeting card as a business card. If someone picks up your card and likes your artwork, you want them to know how to get in contact with you to buy more. As a bare minimum, include your company name and a web address. Don’t make yourself difficult to find or you may miss out on sales.

Other helpful things to add include:

  • You logo if you have one
  • An Email address
  • Price of your card
  • What is written on the inside of the card
  • Information about the artwork process such as if your image was created using gesso, watercolor, or acrylic.
  • If the front of the card is a photograph include when and where you took the picture.

These things make the card more personalized.

In the sample above you see three different versions of designs for the backside.

On the bottom right, the designer added all the bells and whistles. They have a title of the artwork, where the photograph was taken, a copyright, a bio of the artist, a web address, and recycled paper information. There are no questions left unanswered. You know who the artist is and where to find them.

The sample on the far left is much more simple but still well done. This card includes a logo, two different web addresses as well as an email address. Once again you know how to get in contact with the artist to order cards.

The version on the upper right includes the logo and the web address as well, however it also includes the artist’s name and what is written on the inside. This is important because many cards are put inside cellophane and the buyer has no idea what text is on the inside because they can’t open it up. If you do not have anything written on the inside you can simply say “blank”.

All three of these greeting cards, with varying information on the backside, are successful as there is no guess-work as to how to get in contact with the artist.

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