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Quality Relationships, Quality Digital Printing

A funny thing happened on the way to creating a successful digital printing shop. We created a lot of great relationships in the process. With our clients. With the people who work with us – most of them have been here for a long time now.

We started Rhino with the idea that we could create a great place to work that would in turn produce great work. Combine that with our environmental practices and that makes us one of the early 3P companies – people, planet, and profitability. But we didn’t start out with such a grand plan in mind; we just wanted to treat people the way that we would want to be treated. Now, after over 18 years of producing a wide variety of high quality digital printing for a varied clientele we know one thing for certain: the quality of everything we do counts, but maintaining the quality of our relationships is the most important thing we do.

That’s because people who are treated well and feel empowered will always make the difference. Even though modern digital printing technology is awesome, machines can’t exceed their built-in capabilities. But empowered people will put in the extra effort and go the extra mile when the job needs to get done right and on time.

Every team member at Rhino gets full health benefits, including dental and vision (pretty important for printers!), plus we cover the copay for chiropractic and massage appointments. We also provide a week of front-loaded sick time and one to four weeks of paid vacation, plus a 401K plan with company match. We all have lunch together every day. And we do fun stuff from time to time. On our 10th anniversary we rented a party bus and went to brew pubs, then up the Gorge to the Hood River Hotel for the night. Soon we’ll be planning our 20th anniversary.

We hear too much these days about corporations that pay employees as little as possible, or use 1099 contractors instead of employees, offering no benefits or paid time off, treating people like spark plugs that can be replaced at a moment’s notice. That’s neither fair nor right. Planning for a family, a future or, for that matter, next month is difficult for people caught in the “gig economy”. We like to provide stability for our team members, and they reward us with loyalty.

Our team members’ loyalty and longevity is great for our clients, too, since they get to develop dependable relationships with thoroughly experienced technicians, not deal with a new face – and a learning curve – every month. As a result we have a lot of long-term clients.

Our sense of relationship extends to our community as well. That’s why we give substantial discounts to local schools and nonprofits.

It’s pretty simple, really. Our community supports our business and we give back to our community. Our clients support us and we make their success our priority. Our team members are the lifeblood of our company and we treat them with respect and consideration. We like to think of business as a virtuous circle. That’s what quality relationships are about.

We’re the digital printing service experts serving the Portland, Oregon area and the U.S. For more information, check out our website at: https://rhinodigital.com. Or better yet, give us a call at: 503-233-2477. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you with tips and information on getting your digital printing done in the most economical and timely manner possible





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