Canary Marketing & Rhino Digital Printing

Rhino Digital Printing & Canary Marketing Take Off

What do a rhinoceros and a yellow songbird have in common? Well, if the Rhino is a digital printer and the bird is Canary Marketing, they have a lot of shared projects. And a fruitful relationship. Canary Marketing first alighted at Rhino Digital Printing in 2006. Since then the relationship has taken flight. To see why, let’s first take a look at who Canary Marketing is and what they offer. And then see how Rhino helps them fulfill their promises.

Canary Marketing’s Full Flight of Products and Services

With offices in Portland Oregon, San Ramon and San Francisco California, Canary Marketing is a team of shoppers, product experts and designers who discover, brand, and create a truly vast array of gifts, giveaways and truly unique swag curated for your event, brand, and audience.

  • Canary Merchandise includes nearly anything you can think up, brand, and give to someone, whether that’s an executive gift or a simple giveaway. Could be a branded beach bag and towel, a custom bucket, a tie emblazoned with bananas, or…
  • Canary Kits and Mailers deliver a lot of gifts wrapped up in custom packaging, ready for your event or promotion.
  • Canary Print Collateral means hangtags, insert cards, belly bands and brochures – in short, any printed piece that adds a personal, branded touch to your gift.
  • Canary Web Stores brings digital ease to gift giving. Canary designs and hosts the stores, merchandises the product selection, and handles all fulfillment and logistics, so the client’s team can order products as they need them.
  • Canary Event Decor & Signage brands your environment, from colossal 3D signs to clever little coasters and everything in between.
  • Canary Award Programs help you recognize and reward the stars in your life, or create remembrances for great teams, projects, and events.
  • Canary Graphic Design. From mailers and kits to print collateral, awards to signage and décor, Canary’s design team creates unique, branded products.
  • Canary Global Logistics ensures that they can produce, ship, and handle logistics for everything they make almost anywhere in the world.

How Rhino Digital Printing Helps Canary Marketing Soar

Custom boxes, hangtags, cards, brochures – if you look at Canary’s products you’ll see that a lot of them involve printing. And since these are generally shorter run, high quality, often rush projects, digital printing is the best choice. Well, that’s what Rhino does for Canary. Rhino’s dedicated team understands that when Canary promises to deliver products to a client at a trade show across the country or the world, it needs to be right the first time. And late delivery is not an option. So Rhino’s dedicated team delivers fast turnarounds for small (and large) high quality, often custom, projects. We get it right. We do it on time. And we take of care of our printing product fulfillment, shipping to multiple locations, domestically and abroad.

So if at first blush a great relationship between a rhino and a canary seems improbable, when it comes to delivering custom solutions flawlessly on time and budget, we’re singing the same tune.

Examples of Projects that Rhino Digital Printing Has Handled for Canary

We have worked with Canary Marketing on myriad printed products, ranging from:

  • Mailings personalized with variable data
  • Custom product box wraps with corporate branding
  • Custom Hang tags
  • Belly Bands
  • Postcards and insert cards
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Greeting cards and envelopes

Need Creative Magic for Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products? Call Canary!

After seeing the magic that Canary can conjure up for their clients time after time, we wholeheartedly recommend them. You can find them online at

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