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Send Unique Holiday Cards that Say You Care. We Care Enough to Give You 10% Off.

Digital Print Holiday Cards help Create Smiles

Here are three things that human beings like a lot. Smiling. Laughing. Feeling that someone cares enough about them to do something special for them such as sending custom holiday cards.

We all like to smile and know that people care for us. But the holidays are like a multiplier – during holiday season we hope about twice as much that people will let us know that they care. And we’re a little – or a lot – more letdown if it seems that they don’t. The good news in this? If you let someone know you care around the holidays it has twice the good effect.

So what does all of this have to do with sending custom holiday cards to your clients? After all, sending cards is just part of business practice, right? We all dutifully send out cards – often that’s the job of an administrative assistant. We may buy those cards off the rack. We may not personalize them. We may not even sign them – so it looks like no human ever touched those cards.

But that means that no human will ever be touched by those cards, either. Which is sad, because we just lost a big opportunity to create a lot of good will.

Like Mirrors, Smiles Reflect Back on the Person – or Company – that Elicits Them

The really great thing about making people smile, laugh, or feel special is that the good feelings reflect right back on you. As people, we tend to know that. But as companies we sometimes get busy and forget. We shouldn’t do that, because customers feel as though they have a relationship with your company, just as though your company was a person. And that relationship is your brand.

So sending a custom card – a card that you put some time and thought into, that elicits a smile and lets your customer know that you care – is one way to show that you appreciate your relationship with them. They, in turn, will think smiling thoughts about you. And you will have built a better brand relationship, one that will carry through into the new year.

Send a smile for the holidays. Get a year of smiles back.

This Holiday Season, We’d Like to Help You Send a Digitally Printed Smile

This year, we’d like to help you send a custom card to the people on your list. Why? Because it’s a fun thing to do, and we like to smile, too. And since we’re digital printers, we’re in a good position to help. Digital printing is perfect for creating and sending custom cards. Digital printing can be used to personalize those cards if you like. We do that by using variable data, which lets us print a different message on each card. So you can address each one right to the person or company it’s going to.

Need a template to get started? We have some on our website.

It’s our pleasure to offer you 10% off the cost of printing your holiday card.

Give us a call to see how easy and fun this can be. And remember, now’s the time to get going on that fun, funny, or heartfelt card.

Need Help with Your Digital Printing Holiday Card? Call Us!

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