What Can You Create with Digital Printing?

Unlike traditional forms of printing that have improved over hundreds – if not thousands – of years, digital printing presses have only been in use since the 1990s when they were first invented. What made digital printing so unique and immediately popular was both the ease with which it could be used, and the different materials that could be created. No longer were we subjected to the conventional forms of time consuming, creatively limiting, and expensive printing methods.

With that said, digital printing is still a mystery to many. We now view it as the gold standard of printing, and most of us have digital printers in our home for casual needs. But when it comes time to scale up and use a professional digital printing service, so much more immediately becomes possible. And those possibilities beg a simple but rather important question:

What Can You Create with Digital Printing?

Professional digital printing services provide far more creative and marketable potential. From pictures to brochures to banners and more, the means by which you can transfer information via digital printing have evolved dramatically, and are worthy of further examination. So let’s take a look at these possibilities, and find out what you can truly create with digital printing.

Flyers & Brochures

Some of the most common items created via digital printing include flyers and brochures. As staples in the marketing world, these simple pieces of paper have been the go-to method for sharing information since printing was first invented. While social media also plays an integral role in the ability to promote information, flyers and brochures are some of the most well-known, tried-and-tested marketing techniques that have been used for centuries, and for good reason. Rather than wasting time and resources printing at home, utilize a professional digital printing service to create flyers and brochures that accurately convey both color, and your important message – even if it’s in black and white!

Forms and Documents

As crazy as they may drive us, standard forms and documents are often necessary to keep a business running. A doctor’s office needs patient intake forms, a lawyer needs a standard contract, and so many other businesses and professionals alike rely on these singular pieces of paper every day. While digital printing services often advertise the ability to print photos, brochures, and other advanced print media, the truth is that they can just as easily print the everyday document or form as well. Rather than tie up resources at work, or waste paper and ink printing documents and forms from home, use digital printing to expedite the process, and save a little time and money along the way.

The Finishing Touches

Digital printing services provide the ability to produce a number of standard materials, some of which we’ve described above. But what many simply don’t realize is that these services can go even further, beyond what your printer can do at home. A number of finishing touches can be applied to digital printing jobs in many forms. These may include booklet making, binding, stacking, hole punching and even mailing! If the idea of not only printing materials, but also binding and hole punching them as well sounds a bit tedious, consider switching to a digital printing service. Time spent agonizing over every small detail can be left to the professionals that complete such jobs on a regular basis.

You Can Do Even More

Truth be told, digital printing can still do so much more. Printing labels, holidays cards, signs, client mailers, and so many other pieces of material is a rather common practice. If it can be imagined, chances are it can be done. But the benefits of digital printing stretch far beyond the materials that can be produced. Though business cards, rack cards, banners, and so much more can also be made, digital printing is a cost-effective process that allows for the customization of high quality materials, time and again. It requires fewer steps of the printing process, allows for short and medium print runs, and provides more choices, features and flexibility than older methods. Simply put, digital printing is the go-to for any printing need.

As we can see, digital printing is a far more advantageous choice when compared to traditional printing, as it allows for greater creativity and a diverse number of printing options. Printing media the likes of labels, brochures, or flyers from home requires an unnecessary amount of time, money, and personal resources. From a simple document to the crucial finishing touches, Rhino Digital takes a serious stance on creating the best possible product for every individual need. We’ve outlined seven other reasons to choose digital printing elsewhere on the Rhino Digital blog.

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