What Makes a Good Digital Printing Company?

A digital printing company should do more than simply provide you with the lowest printing prices on the market. Along with that fair pricing should come a quality product, consistency, and the reassurance that your time and efforts will prove fruitful. After all, nothing is more irritating than spending time and money on your business or printing needs, only to find it was all for nothing.

So what do you look for in a printing company? The most common answer we receive sounds something like “I’m just looking for the lowest possible cost.” While it may seem alluring to work with the lowest possible prices, doing so can often come at a cost. Truth be told, a quality printing company should go above and beyond to ensure all your needs are met. Just as you make an investment in your printing needs, those you work with should be making an investment in you.

If you’re still not convinced, then let Rhino Digital show you what you’ll get when you commit to a printing provider that cares about far more than the cheapest rates.

What to look for in a digital printing company:

Communication: A communicative printing provider will interface with you consistently, thus ensuring your needs are properly understood from the start. After all, it makes little sense to begin a printing project if confusion only leads to mistakes.

Guidance: An intelligent printing provider will guide you through the printing process if need be. From sourcing the right images to transferring files, you deserve a helping hand and some guidance along the way.

Attentive: An attentive printing company will listen to your needs. Nothing feels worse than working with a professional company that seeks to overrule you on every decision. Instead, they should be attentive and ensure that any decisions are made with you in mind.

Resourceful: A resourceful printing company will continuously search for ways to cut your printing costs. From the ink to the paper and beyond, there is always room for discussion if it means your needs are still met at the end of the day.

Quality: An upstanding printing company will not reduce the quality of their printed products or services. Instead they will take pride in providing you with products that meet their seal of approval.

Economics: An economical printing company doesn’t have to cut costs just to attract more customers.  Both individuals and businesses often find a quality printer because of their reliable reputation that travels via word of mouth, thus ensuring customers will go to a quality printing company because they trust that they will be treated properly, both in price and the finished product.

Reviews/Edits: A meticulous printing company will provide their customers with proofs to ensure the final product is printed to perfection. Doing so will not only save time, but cut costs and reduce the risk of wasted materials along the way.

Consistency: A reliable printing company is consistent from the very first run to the very last run. All products they produce will be completed to the best of their ability, each and every time.

Alliance: A good printer will develop a business relationship with you that lasts. They’ll be one step ahead of you in determining your digital printing needs.

Community: A quality printing company will act as a part of the community, partaking in events or causes while understanding that their actions reflect the very community they intend to serve.

Environment: A thoughtful printing company will ensure that their efforts to help you meet modern standards will support the environment as well. Reducing waste, utilizing environmentally friendly printing methods, and educating employees on the importance of sustainable printing methods are all ways in which this can be achieved.

What’s Next?

Rhino Digital is one of the leading digital printing companies in Portland, Oregon. This is due in large part to the standards we’ve listed and continue to follow above. We proudly deliver on this claim daily by providing excellence in customer service, high-quality printed materials, and competitive pricing. Contact our printing professionals to set up a consultation so we can get to know your print needs.

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