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Why Printed Brochures Still Make Sense

We live in a world that’s full of fast-paced societies harnessing the digital age like never before – and these societies are only expanding around the world. We tune in to Netflix and watch the shows we want to watch, stream countless amounts of music through our phones, and now find the everyday commercial to be a foreign relic, an outdated form of advertising that’s symbolic of the past.

But within this state of constant advancements that push advertising to new levels, printed brochures remain a relevant communication tool utilized by businesses both large and small. As an ideal form of advertising for displaying a product or service, the everyday brochure possesses a greater chance of remaining in front of your audience than ever before. And often these brochures are used as more than just a piece of handy reading material. For instance, brochures can be used as an icebreaker to explain what your company offers or what services you provide. They can be kept for jotting notes on your product or service, utilized for further reading, or even aid in driving individuals to your website, and many other uses. The printed brochure will stand out amongst other forms of advertising, especially when we consider advertising in today’s modern age.

So why is it that so many people consider the brochure to be obsolete? Well, there are a few misconceptions we can think of. For instance, some may simply think the brochure is outdated, a relic of the past. Others may note the cost of producing brochures when online services such as email newsletters are free. And perhaps the biggest concern surrounding brochures happens to remain a concern for the world at large: are they even environmentally friendly?

To illustrate that brochures are in fact still a tool worth digitally printing, we’ve broken down each of these concerns in detail below. So if you too are wondering why a brochure still makes sense, read on for more information provided to you by Rhino Digital.

Are Brochures Outdated?

Are brochures outdated? Maybe. But in reality this fact alone presents enough evidence to suggest that utilizing the brochure is actually an advantage. Simply look to the Polaroid camera or the record player, both of which are outdated products that have only grown in popularity because of the modern practicality they lack. And brochures are one and the same.

Companies that harness the seemingly outdated concept of brochures will use them as a tool when marketing their product or service while other companies wouldn’t give the brochure a passing glance. With a sleek and modern design that includes crisp pictures and bold wording, the brochure can symbolize a lot more than just the words that are printed on the page. And because so many competing businesses decline to use brochures in the modern age, doing so can actually help you and your business stand out from the rest.

What About the Cost?

Price is another issue that warrants concern, as some companies believe that brochures are expensive. But due in part to advancements in digital printing, saving money while printing brochures and other marketing material has quickly become a rather easy and inexpensive task. Receiving an estimate before the printing project begins is standard practice, and everything from the type of ink used to the paper material can drastically reduce the price.  As is often the case, the more you print, the more reasonable the costs become. So while brochures may seem expensive, remember that any form of advertising – digital or not – will always come with a price.

Does Printing Harm the Environment?

Believe it or not, printing can actually be environmentally friendly. At Rhino Digital we take every possible step to ensure the environment remains a top priority. As we have described in detail before, Rhino Digital utilizes a number of different tactics to ensure our printing services are less impactful on our environment. We do so by utilizing CFL bulbs in our office, shutting down our equipment when it’s not in use, offering cash incentives to employees that encourage public transportation or carpooling, and perhaps most importantly, we offer a wide range of paper stocks that are less impactful on the environment. So while some may raise concern that digital printing and the use of brochures can hurt the environment, we’re here to tell you that it simply doesn’t have to.

What’s Next?

Some have come to the conclusion that brochures and other forms of marketing fodder have become obsolete in today’s digital age. But perhaps it’s this concept of an item being obsolete that makes it so special once again. Brochures remain one of the most impactful ways to market a product, service, idea, or individual. And while many would like to call them outdated, we here at Rhino Digital beg to differ.

If you’re still skeptical, contact us to learn more about our services and hear from our knowledgeable staff, or instead give us a call at 503-233-2477 for more information. We’ll show you what digital printing (and brochures) can really do for you and your business.

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